Term And Condition

  1. Microsoft Online Assist is an Online Technical Support Company, operating independently and without any relation to any other companies.
  2. We offer consulting and support services concerned with various software products that operate on the Windows platform. Our services mainly include the following:
    • Pre-installation support to get started with various software/application.
    • Post-installation support to help you make the best use of the software/application installed.
    • Troubleshoot errors and issues while installing/updating/using/removing different programs/applications.
    • Configuration support to help your program run seamlessly across different devices (computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets)
  3. Our aim is to deliver quality support/services that you can rely upon. Our basic services are free of cost. Although, we may charge a nominal fee for any extended support that we provide over the email, screen sharing or one-to-one chat.
  4. As per the extended services, issues are resolved remotely over screen sharing, along with private chat session to help the user with an immediate resolution. Completely details will be sent to the customer over the email in such cases. Also, if the resolution procedure required any software or hardware, the customer will be liable to purchase the same.
  5. In case you make the payment, there are no criteria for a refund once you confirm that the issue has been resolved, or you are not responding to our emails regarding the same. Once the issue has been marked resolved, we do not take responsibility for any further issues that may emerge as a part of a future software or Windows update.
  6. If there are any concerns regarding our services/support, it is required to contact us first over the chat or email (support@microsoftonlineassist.com), before contacting any other party regarding our services/support.
  7. We do not store or share any personally identifiable information without the consent of the visitors of our website. In order to provide extended support/services, we may require your Name, email, and contact number for obvious reasons. We may also store some user cookies to optimize your experience with our website (you can turn off cookies storage from your browser).
  8. We hate spams as much as you do. Please do not spam our servers with chat/email service, or you may be blocked from further access to our website.
  9. These terms of services can be updated without any prior notice. By using this website, you agree to our terms and services, and if you do not accept these terms, you are not allowed to use this website.