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Microsoft Error ‘mscal ocx office’ – Causes and Fix

The Microsoft Calendar Control files, such as MSCAL.OCX, utilize the OCX file extension. This file is considered a Win32 DLL file, and was first created for the Microsoft Office 2007 system software package and its first version was created for Office XP. Thus, it can be seen as an important component for the later versions of Microsoft Office to work seamlessly. And in case this file is missing, or even corrupted, the Office will throw a mscal ocx error. There are a large number of such errors that you can encounter depending on the reason behind the error. These include errors such as MSCAL.OCX could not be found, MSCAL.OCX could not be loaded, MSCAL.OCX failed to register, etc.

Possible Causes For The ‘mscal.ocx Office Error

The possible causes behind the errors related to the file MSCAL.OCX  include:

  • The OCX errors are commonly caused due to a missing or corrupt OCX file.
  • An improper shutdown can lead to corrupt OCX file.
  • If your system is affected by a virus, it may corrupt or delete the mscal.ocx file.
  • The file could not be loaded properly in Office due to certain reasons.

How To Resolve The mscal ocx error in Microsoft Office‘?

If you are facing errors due to the mscal.ocx file, try these steps to help you remove the error and let you use Office flawlessly.

  • Register Your MSCAL.OCX File Manually: If you are getting a message similar to ‘mscal.ocx not found or mscal.ocx could not be loaded’, try registering it manually by the use of Microsoft Register Server (regsvr).
    • Click on the Windows Start button to open up the start menu.
    • Search for ‘Command Prompt’ and right click and select ‘Run as administrator’.

    • Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys while you click on the Command Prompt icon. This will ask you to open the command prompt as Administrator. Click OK.
    • Type in this command: regsvr32 /u MSCAL.OCX
    • Hit ENTER.
    • Wait while the Unregister process completes.
    • Now, register the file again by typing in the command: regsvr32 /i MSCAL.OCX
    • Once the registration process is over, close the window and launch the Office app to check if the MSCAL.OCX error still remains.
  • Check For Windows Update: Another simple method to hope for resolving the mscal.ocx office error is to update your windows.
    • Click on the Windows Start button and search for Update.
    • Click on the Check For Updates option. (this option may be different depending on the version of windows you are using)

    • If any updates are available, download them and then click “Install Updates”.
    • After the update is successfully finished. restart your PC to let the changes take place.

Look if the error is solved? If not, move to the next step.

  • Download and Replace The MSCAL.OCX File In Your System: You need to be a bit cautious while performing this step. In case you aren’t well versed with windows, it is suggested to consult some expert.
    • Download the mscal.ocx file for your Windows version.
    • Once downloaded, copy this file in the location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\

    • Restart your PC to let the changes take effect.
    • Check if the ‘mscal.ocx missing/unable to locate’ error is solved or not.

If your problem of Microsoft Error ‘mscal ocx office‘ is still unresolved, we suggest you consult some expert windows technician. Or else you can simply log in to the official support page of Office to search more about the issue and learn a few more solutions and try your luck about the problem on the Microsoft community.

Author: Support Escalation Engineer