Microsoft Office Cannot Verify The License For This Product


How To Fix “Microsoft Office Cannot Verify The License For This Product

One of the most common errors related to different Office products is concerned with license and activation of your program and can be identified with the error message which says ‘Microsoft Office Cannot Verify The License For This Product’. This error can be seen in related to various Office suite versions such as Office 2016, Office 365, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007.

Why Am I Seeing This Error Message?

When you are trying to open an Office application such as Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Outlook, and other Microsoft Applications, you can witness this problem. The error message “Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this product” can be linked to various causes.

  • Your system has corrupt applications and/or related components.
  • Broken and corrupt registry files can cause trouble.
  • Windows Update incompatibility due to wrong drivers.
  • Any third party application installed on your system that might be interfering with Microsoft Office.
  • Any malicious or junk file on your hard drive that might be conflicting with office files.
  • Even the firewall and proxy settings of your PC can block a few of the Microsoft Office features.

Help Me Resolve The Error – ‘Microsoft Office Cannot Verify The License For This Product

The error related to Microsoft Office is unable to verify your license can be solved in the following steps. Depending on the actual cause behind your problem, you may need to perform one or all of the below-mentioned methods to resolve the issue.

  • Try Repairing The Office App: This is the quickest solution that you can hope for to get rid of the error message.
    • Under the Start tab, search for Control Panel and select the top-most option.

    • Now select the Programs > Programs & Features option.
    • Under the Uninstall or Change Program option, search for Microsoft Office app you are having trouble accessing.

    • Click on Change and select Quick Repair > Repair to start the offline repair process.
    • If this doesn’t fix the issues, try running the Online Repair > Repair to check if it resolves the error.
  • Check For Redundant Office Files: In some cases, if you had previously installed (failed or partial) Office program, those files can conflict with the newer version / fresh installation. Check for the installed programs under the Programs and Features section, and remove any duplicate Office program.
    • Navigate to Control Panel from the Start button.
    • Click on Programs > Program and Features.
    • Search for Microsoft Office to locate any older versions.
    • If found, select it and click Uninstall.
    • Confirm when prompted to remove the older Office version.

For further support, you can take help from the official thread about uninstalling Office on the Office support page

  • Check If You Are Signed In With Right Account: You Office subscription might be active on one account and you might be logged into another account. Although this sounds a bit obvious, a quick check never hurts. To check the status of your activation, sign in into your Microsoft Office account and look for your services and subscription.
  • Update System Drivers: Look for any available updates for your system’s drivers and update them on priority.
  • Try Using Activation Troubleshooter Tool: To help users like you, Microsoft has a dedicated tool to deal with activation issues. Download the  Activation Troubleshooter tool and install by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Once installed, follow the on-screen instructions.

The above steps should fix the error of ‘Microsoft Office Cannot Verify The License For This Product’ and let you enjoy the service of Office apps. To learn more about the problem and other troubleshooting steps, log in to the official support page of Office and ask about your problem on the Microsoft community.