Error Code 30179 25


How To Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 30179 25

Microsoft Office is one of the widely used programs in our day to day life. From school presentation to business requirements, it’s the best choice. But while installing Office, you might sometime end up with the message “Couldn’t stream Office” (Error code 30179-25)”. The main reason behind this error is the lack of space in your hard drive.

Ways to Fix The Error Code 30179-25

Here’s what you can do to resolve the error 30179-25.

  • Free up some space in your hard drive:

In order to resolve this error, we need to free some space in our hard disk so that it has enough space for the office installation. Follow the steps mentioned below to clean up your PC.

    • Try cleaning up your Temp folder:
      • Press Win+R and type %temp% in the Open input field.
      • Once the Temp folder is opened, select all the temporary file that you wish to remove.
      • Hit Delete
    • Remove Unused Files and Folders:

We often download files, such as multimedia contents,  or install a big application that we hardly need anymore. Now that you are lacking space for utility software, you should consider deleting them.

    • Empty Your Recycle Bin:

Windows keep all the deleted files in the recycle bin to allow you to restore them in case you have deleted something accidentally. But as a common practice, we delete files and data from our main drive, but rarely clear them from the recycle bin. These deleted files pile up and end up taking a huge space in our C drive. Take a look at these files, and permanently delete all those files that are probably of no use to you.

    • Try freeing up some space using Storage Sense.
      • Fire up the Start menu and search for Storage.
      • Navigate to Storage Sense and select Free up space now.
      • Be patient while the windows scan for available files that could be removed.
      • Once done, select all the files that you wish to remove. Click Remove files.

  • Use Disk Cleanup to free some more space:

In case your Operating System doesn’t have the Storage Sense, you can use the Disk Cleanup option to clean up the clutter.

    • In the Start menu, search for Disk Cleanup and select the relevant option from the results list.
    • Select the checkbox against the files you want to remove. You can opt for thumbnails, temp files, downloaded files, etc.
    • You can even select Clean up system files to get even more space. (You need to be careful while selecting hat you delete)
    • Once done, select OK and Delete Files in the confirmation box.

  • Reinstall Office:

Once you have enough space available, try reinstalling Microsoft Office application by logging in into your Microsoft account and selecting the desired version. You can use one of the two methods, either direct online download or installation through the offline setup.

That’s it! Your error would have been resolved by now. Carry on with your important work within the Microsoft Office. In case you are still stuck with the error message, feel free to drop us an email with detailed information about your error and we can provide you with extended support. Or you can simply visit the official support page to search for some more solutions for the error code 30179-25.