Error Code 30088 1021


Microsoft Office Error Code 30088 1021

With several utility programs such as MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook,  MS Word, OneNote, Excel, and Publisher, Microsoft Office is one of the daily driver programs in our systems. But sometimes you end up with some errors that interrupt your installation or update process. Error code 30088 1021 is one such issue that creates problem while installation.

Why am I  getting this error?

The reason that you are facing the above-mentioned error can be one of the following:

  • Missing or Corrupt Office application files.
  • Your system has a slow ISP connection.
  • The temporary internet store location is probably infected with some active threat.

Ways to fix the error:

Here is a quick fix to resolve the error code 30088 1021.

  • Repair your Office Application: You can easily fir the error 30088 1021 using the Office repair tool.
  • Click on the Start button and search for “Control Panel”
  • Click on Programs > Programs and features
  • Search for Microsoft Office program that you wish to repair.
  • Click on Change.
  • Select Quick Repair, then Repair.
  • Alternatively, you can also try Online repair in case the Quick repair doesn’t work for you.

  • Check your Proxy Settings:

Try looking into your systems network and proxy setting to ensure proper installation of the office program.

  • Open the Run dialog window by pressing the following keys: Win + R.
  • Type in “cmd” and press Enter.

In the Command Prompt, type in or simply copy and paste the following command: netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

  • If you get the message which says “Direct Access (no proxy server)”, you are good to go. If not, proceed with disabling the proxy.
  • Remove the application along with any file traces:

In case repairing the Office program doesn’t work as expected, you should try uninstalling and removing all the relevant files from the windows.

  • Once again navigate to Programs and Features. You can go there either from the control panel or search directly from the start menu.
  • Select the Office Suite.
  • Click Remove/Uninstall.
  • Confirm in the dialog prompt.

At this step, you should check if the error has been resolved. If not, only then move to the next step.

  • Now that you have already uninstalled the Microsoft Office, there still might be some files that need to be removed.
  • Locate the Office folder, which is typically located at C:\Program Files\
  • Right click on the folder and select delete.
  • Alternatively, you can select the folder and press Shift = Delete to permanently delete those files.

Next, remove the registry files for the Microsoft Office.

  • Open the Registry editor by typing regedit in the Run window.
  • Delete the below-mentioned subkeys:



  • Delete the office key as well.
  • Reinstall the program:
  • Once all the files have been removed, try reinstalling the Office form the official Microsoft website. You can either go with the online setup or consider using the offline installer to get started with Microsoft Office.

If the error code 30088 1021 still persists, you should probably try contacting the official Microsoft support for further help and troubleshoot tips. You can also write to ask to get extended support regarding your issues.