Error Code 30068 4


How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 30068 4

Whether you are a student or a working professional, Microsoft Office is a must-have program for windows user. But just like any other program, while installing the Office, you may run into problems with different error messages. The error code 30068 4 is one such issue that may require troubleshooting.

Possible causes for the error code 30068-4

The above error could be caused due to several different reasons such as:

  • When the Office service is disabled on your system.
  • Remnant files form a previously incomplete or failed installation.
  • Network and proxy setting conflicting with the MS Office system files.
  • Firewall restriction being imposed for security purposes.


Steps to Resolve the Error Code 30068-4

Here are a few quick steps to help you get rid of this error and enjoy an error-free installation process.

  • Try restarting your PC and reinstall Office:

Perform a quick restart and then try reinstalling the office again. Hopefully, the error code 30068 4 should have vanished this time.

  • Check if the Office service is disabled: One of the primary causes for error 30068-4 is concerned with disabled Microsoft office services. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the service and troubleshoot the error.
    1. Launch the Run window by pressing Win + R keys.
    2. Type services.msc in the input field and click OK.
    3. In the Services window, navigate down to Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service.
    4. Check the Status column against it.
    5. In case the status says Disabled, you will need to right-click it and select the Properties.
    6. Within the Startup type drop-down, navigate to General tab.
    7. Select the Manual or Automatic option.
    8. Click Apply, then hit OK to confirm.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Office Application: In case the above method doesn’t work for you, you should consider uninstalling the Office and removing any remaining files from your hard drive to resolve further conflicts.
    1. In order to uninstall the MS Office from your system, you can download the official Uninstall Tool.
    2. Once downloaded, launch the application by double clicking on the SetupProd_OffScrub.exe file.
    3. Select the applicable version of Office and follow the onscreen steps to complete the uninstall process.

Alternatively, you can try uninstalling the program manually as well.

  • Navigate to Add or remove programs window within the settings tab.
  • Select/search the Microsoft Office.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Hit Ok to confirm.

Next step is to remove any remaining office files and folders from your hard disk that can lead to conflict during the fresh installation.

  • Locate the Microsoft Office folder, generally located at C:/Program Files/
  • Right click on the folder and select delete.
  • Now, open the Command Prompt from the Start menu and type in ‘%temp%’.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Inside the Temp folder, locate any remaining Microsoft Office files/files and delete them all.

After uninstalling, restart your PC and log in to your Microsoft account to start downloading the Office program.

If any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps didn’t work for you, consider taking help of some technician. You can even drop us an email so that we can help you with the error code 30068 4. You can also look for help at the official support page.