Error Code 30034 4


How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30034 4

Microsoft offers a wide variety of utility software under the name of Microsoft Office suite. This includes programs such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Outlook. Although the installation process for these applications is quite simple, sometimes you are stuck while installing Microsoft Office, and you might encounter different errors, and one of such errors is Office error code 30034 4.

What are the causes behind the Error Code 30034-4?

The reason behind this error is generally the residual files from the previously failed or removed installation that can prevent you from a fresh installation as some files may cause redundancy. It can also be caused due to the enhanced security rules set by your firewall or antivirus software and the proxy settings of your system.

Steps to fix the Error Code 30034-4

Here are a few quick steps to help you deal with the error and install the software without any further issues.

  • Make sure all the previous file are removed:

Before you start the fresh installation, make sure you have properly removed all the files or data from any previous installation. You can find the detailed steps to Uninstall Microsoft Office on the official website. Besides that, delete all files in windows/temp folder just to be sure. Once done, try installing the Office again with no more error 30034 4 this time.

  • Repairing your Office application can help:

Before you try other methods of resolving the error 30034 4, you should consider repairing your Office.

    • Open up Control Panel from the Start Tab
    • Under the “Programs and Features” option, look out for the installed Microsoft Office software.
    • Click on Change option.

  • Select the Quick Repair Option from the dialog.

    • Click on Repair and hold back while the repairing process works.

Once the process is done, it should probably resolve your issue.

  • Try Disabling the proxy:

Just like most of the issues, the above-mentioned error code 30034 4 can also be caused due to your computer’s proxy setting. It’s better to disable them for the moment.

    • Fire up the command prompt by pressing Win+R and typing in cmd. Hit Enter.
    • Type in the following command in your command prompt:

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

If you see the below-mentioned error, your proxy it probably messing it up. Disable it for error-free installation of Office. You can find more help on how to disable proxy on the Microsoft Community.

  • Try Disabling the Antivirus:

Sometimes your antivirus application may also cause an error while installing new programs. The network or firewall rules may block the installation of Office or its updating as a part of their security measures. You can either disable the Antivirus for the time being or Create an exception for the Microsoft Office programs within your antivirus to resolve the error 30034 4.

We hope the above steps might have fixed your error. If by any chance the problem still prevails, we suggest you contact the official support persons or seek the help of any technician for a better assistant. You can also reach put to our expert technicians over the email to take advantage of our extended support services.