Error Code 30015 4


Resolving Error Code 30015 4 (1610612703)

Microsoft Office is one of the essential tools that we use for several purposes. But sometimes while installing the Office, you might encounter error code 30015-4 (1610612703) in case a previous installation of MS Office was failed. To help you with the problem, we curated some possible causes and solutions for the same.

What are the common causes of Windows Office error code 30015-4 (1610612703)

  • Your system’s internet connection or proxy settings are not allowing the Office installation.
  • The antivirus program installed on your PC or your default windows firewall may be blocking Office from installing or updating.
  • If you have any previous version an Office application, it may also block the installation.
  • Certain undeleted files from the previously failed or incomplete installation process may conflict with the new installation.

How To Resolve The Error Code 30015 4 (1610612703)

Now that you know what can probably be the cause behind that irritating error message, let’s get into solving it.

  • Repair your Office application:

In case some of the system files related to Office are corrupted, repairing can really be helpful.

    • Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
    • Click on Programs > Programs and Features.
    • Select the Office product is showing the error and needs to be repaired.
    • Click Change.
    • Select the Quick Repair option and then click on Repair.
    • In case the Quick Repair option didn’t fix the error 30015-4 (1610612703), try Online Repair option and click on Repair.
  • Uninstall the program:

If repairing didn’t help with the error, you should consider uninstalling the program completely.

    • Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
    • Click on Programs > Programs and Features.
    • Select Microsoft Office and then click on Remove.
    • Confirm the following dialogs to go ahead with the uninstallation process.

Learn more about how to uninstall the Office at this official thread.

  • Delete the Windows Office files from your System:

Sometimes uninstalling alone doesn’t help. You need to remove the remnants of the Office from your system as well to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the new installation.

    • Browse through the Microsoft Office folder in your file explorer, generally located at C:\Program Files\
    • Right click on the folder and select Delete.
    • Alternatively, you can also press Shift+Delete to permanently delete the files, even from the recycle bin.
    • Follow the same steps to delete any files at C:\Program Files(x86)\
  • Remove the Office registry subkeys:
    • Open your system’s Registry Editor by searching for regedit in the Start menu.
    • Delete the following registry subkeys related to Microsoft Office:



    • Finally, delete the Microsoft Office Key as well.
  • Reinstall the fresh application:

Once you are done removing all the previous traces of Office, it’s time to install the program. Head to the official installation page and select the compatible options and get started with the installation process.

Even after trying the above steps, you have no luck removing the error code 30015 4 (1610612703), it would be wise to take help from some technician or call for official Microsoft support.