Error Code 0x80070005

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x80070005?

With a large number of offerings such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Access, Office is one of the most used Windows Software. Mostly it ships along with the Windows operating system or can be installed separately. And to use it, you need to activate it with a proper license key. Although the process is quite simple, it sometimes causes a problem with an error code 0x80070005 and some error message. It may be really frustrating to deal with such an error. You tried the default troubleshooting just to end up nowhere. That is why we have curated some simple steps to help you deal with this error.

Troubleshooter Error Code 0x80070005

The possible causes behind the Error Code 0x80070005

  • When you are trying to update your system or the Office itself, the activation process fails as it lacks some of the privileges and permissions.
  • You are probably logged in as a standard user, rather than as an administrator which restricts the permissions.
  • Any malicious program or virus may block some of the actions, resulting in the Office error 0x80070005.
  • You end up making some inappropriate settings within the local group policy management utility.
  • Certain configurations in the Local Security Policy or antivirus program can also limit the features, ultimately causing the error.
  • The firewall settings of your system might be blocking some of the Microsoft Office installation features.

How can I troubleshoot the Error 0x80070005

If you have diagnosed the possible cause of the problem, you can easily resolve it. Even though you are not sure what exactly is causing the error 0x80070005, try the below-mentioned steps in proper order and get rid of that irritating error message.

  • Switch User Account To Administrator Account:

As an Administrator, you have the right to make changes, manage software and hardware, and configure the settings that can affect the other uses of the system as well.

  • You can simply restart your PC and once prompted, select the Admin account and log in with the credentials (if any).
  • Alternatively, you can switch between users simply by logging off. Press Windows + L and jump to the Lock screen.
  • Click on Switch Accounts and proceed with the admin account.
  • Or you can even quickly switch to administrator account by using the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard combination and then clicking on Switch User.

  • Once you are logged in as Administrator, try Activating/Updating the Office application again. Try to reactivate Office by selecting the Reactivate button (generally shown in a banner) or navigate to File > Account > Activate Product.
  • Check if the error 0x80070005 is gone.
  • Scan Your PC For Malware And Virus: Even though you are not having any issues, make a habit to run security and threats scans on a regular basis to keep aloof from any issues like the one you are facing right now.
  • Use The Official Activation Troubleshooter Application: In case you are facing the above issues with programs such as Office Home and Student 2016, Office Home and Business 2016, Office Professional 2016, or any other such app, you can download the Activation Troubleshooter for Windows PCs and can fix activation errors for Office. Once downloaded, locate the file in the downloaded folder. Now double-click on the officeact.diagcab to run the easy fix tool and follow the next steps as prompted by the tool.

If you are still unable to get through the error 0x80070005, you can always reach out to the official support page of Office for detailed insight on your problem. You can even ask for help on the Microsoft community to search for potential solutions.

Author: Support Escalation Engineer